Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Credit Card Orders

To minimize fraud, Tesla Everything only ships to billing addresses listed on our customer’s credit card. Secondary shipping addresses may be added to your credit card by contacting your credit card provider. If you would like special accommodation please email sales@teslaeverything.com.

International Orders

Tesla Everything regularly ships to customers all over the world. All customers located outside of North America must pay by bank wire or international check for their initial order. Credit card orders will be accepted on follow-up purchases at Tesla Everything’s discretion. Customers are responsible for their respective country’s imposed fees and/or duties on imported items. Tesla Everything has no way of accurately assessing what your potential customs duties or other associated costs, charges, or liabilities may be and those expenses are entirely borne by you as the customer. International credit card fees will be charged at the following rate: Visa, MasterCard, and Discover 5% American Express 7%.

Special Orders & Made-to-Order Products

All products that are ordered on a pre-paid made-to-order basis or are not regularly stocked in the USA by the manufacturer or distributor are considered “special orders”. All special orders must be paid in full prior to starting the order. Special order payments are non-refundable. If items are damaged in shipping please refer to the section above. If you are dissatisfied with the item in any way such as appearance, functionality, etc. Tesla Everything will do everything it can to assist you in seeking assistance from the manufacturer. Please take caution in your purchase as some items are not intended for use with overseas vehicle variants. We guarantee that all products we sell are genuine and in new condition unless explicitly marked as blemished or used. We cannot guarantee exact fit of imported products on vehicles of different origin than manufacturer’s intended use. Tesla Everything’s core focus is procurement of automotive products from varying countries, particularly from Japan. On some occasions there are multiple variations of the same general product offered by a manufacturer. When placing an order, it is the customer’s responsibility to supply us with product numbers, and/or exact information identifying the product being purchased. Without exact details, provided at the time of order submission, Tesla Everything cannot be held responsible for fulfillment of similar but not intended product. Tesla Everything considers any item produced by the intended manufacturer, for the intended vehicle (in the manufacturer’s origin country), with a similar product title, to be a match to the ordered part. If your order is conditional upon guaranteed fitment. Any disputes regarding incorrect product fulfillment must be filed within five days of product delivery and must be accompanied with written documentation supporting the claim. In all foreseeable times of potential miscommunication we will contact our customers to verify details of their order.

Refunds & Exchanges

All products that are ordered on a pre-paid made-to-order basis or are not regularly stocked in the USA by the manufacturer or distributor are considered “special orders”. All special orders must be paid in full prior to starting the order. Special orders are non-refundable. Products ordered from US-based manufacturers may be eligible for a refund, at the discretion of the manufacturer or authorized distributor, if still in new condition and in original packaging. Any refund will be issued at our discretion and will be subject to a minimum 25% restocking fee. No exchange or return will be allowed or accepted without a pre-confirmed RMA # issued by management of Tesla Everything Automotive in writing. All internationally sourced products are automatically considered special order items and will not be eligible for any refund or exchange. For special order items, we will happily exchange parts that do not match with the product which was ordered. .

Shipping & Damage

For items shipped by Tesla Everything from Tesla Everything’s warehouse:


Many products shipping from our warehouse are carefully inspected for damage prior to shipping. For other items they are (DNR) do-not-repack and are not inspected. In many cases we will improve on and reinforce the original packaging provided by the manufacturer. Our expert shipping staff takes extra time in the packaging process to minimize potential shipping damage as best we possibly can. Upon the arrival of your items, inspect everything thoroughly, even if packaging is intact, before signing the delivery receipt. If the box is damaged in any way, take photos and notate the damage when receiving the item. If you are unable to officially notate the damage with the shipping carrier at the time of delivery you must reject the package. Once signed as undamaged, any freight damage claim is null and void and we can do nothing to help you. Additionally, please note that items cannot be insured for more than the stated value. If you need to process a damage claim, action must be taken within 72 hours of delivery. After 72 hours, refunds, reorders and claims cannot be processed. All shipped items are fully insured. Tesla Everything will not be held responsible for the outcome of the claim, although we will assist you to the furthest extent possible.


For items shipped directly from a manufacturer or third party distributor:

We will do everything in our power to assist you if you happen to experience damage to a shipment from a third party, however Tesla Everything has no control over packaging, shipping or damage claims for any shipment sent by a third party to the customer. We recommend that you follow the same procedure as we require regarding potential damage claims. By ordering you agree to abide by the shipping

Shipping & Order Delivery Information

Items that are in stock in the US, either at Tesla Everything’s warehouse or at a supplier’s warehouse, are generally delivered within 7-10 days. Special order items from overseas take considerably longer. As a courtesy Tesla Everything offers delivery estimates to our customers which take into consideration manufacturer availability and shipping schedule. These estimates represent our best guess based on previous orders from the manufacturer and do not in any way imply a guaranteed delivery window. Many manufacturers work in a “just in time” inventory system and often take 2-20+ weeks to produce an item once an order is submitted. All deliverable items are then sent to our Japanese warehouse. Tesla Everything ships a minimum of one full ocean freight container every month from Japan, oftentimes more than one a month. Ocean freight takes an average of 4 weeks. Typically it breaks down to one week in Japan for paperwork and customs, two weeks by boat and one week in US customs/clearance. Due to the wide number of variables between manufacturer and shipping schedules, delivery estimates are simply just that – estimates. We attempt to estimate conservatively and we usually deliver faster than our estimates suggest. It is not Tesla Everything’s policy to guarantee delivery time of any special order item, this is impossible for us to do. By ordering you acknowledge that there is no required delivery ETA and an order may not be canceled or altered due to manufacturing or shipping delays, all ETA’s are provided as a best guess only.

Extended Storage for Orders / Abandonment Policy

When orders are received at our warehouse and ready to ship, we contact the owner promptly to arrange shipping. We are happy to hold orders for up to one month, in an effort to help coordinate shipping dates for our clients. After one month of complimentary storage, fees will be charged. We will make every effort to inform customers that their products are on hold and subject to storage fees, however ultimately it is the client’s responsibility to cooperate and receive their parts promptly. Fee rate is (per month): $80 per bumper box, $40 per hood, roll cage, exhaust, $20 per small items. After a period of one year, or the point where storage fees exceed the value of the products stored, Tesla Everything Automotive retains the option to take ownership of the products to pay off the storage fees due, or alternatively storage fees will continue to accumulate and remain due. All parts shall remain the property of Tesla Everything Automotive until paid in full. If cancellation of an order is needed, notice of cancellation with a manager of Tesla Everything Automotive must be made in writing within 24 hours from the date the order was initiated. This will be granted only at the discretion of Tesla Everything and may not be granted in cases were made-to-order or special order items have already been ordered. Some product images may show optional items that are sold separately or may not show the exact specification. Please contact us to confirm prior to your order if you have any questions. For example, and item that comes unpainted from the manufacturer may be shown painted and installed in the photo. Tesla Everything Automotive will notify you if there are any errors with our product pricing, shipping calculations or sales tax computations prior to processing the order. Tesla Everything Automotive will not be held responsible for these errors and if unable to be mutually reconciled Tesla Everything will void the order and refund payment.

Offroad Use Only and Local Vehicle Regulations

Some of the parts for sale have been designed for and are intended for off-highway application only. Federal and many State laws prohibit the removal, modification, or rendering inoperable of any device or element of design affecting vehicle emission or safety in a vehicle used on public highways. Violation of such laws may subject the owner or user to a fine or penalty. Installation of this part may void the warranty coverage, if any, on your vehicle. Vehicles modified by use of performance parts may no longer be lawfully used on public highways. Tesla Everything Automotive takes no responsibility for the individual client’s use of such products as all products are sold for offroad use only for racing vehicles. Tesla Everything has no knowledge of or responsibility for informing you of your local road or off road usage laws. All products may or may not be legal for road use or track use in your local jurisdiction.

Product Warranty

All merchandise sold by Tesla Everything Automotive is only subject to the manufacturer’s warranty and conditions, if any. Processing of manufacturer warranty must be completed directly with the manufacturer and will be up to the decision of each product manufacturer. All merchandise is subject only to manufacturer warranty, Tesla Everything Automotive does not offer or imply any additional warranty on any products which we distribute outside of the manufacturer’s policy for warranty. No labor, shipping, currency losses, fees or inconvenience may be included in any claims. All orders placed with Tesla Everything Automotive and its affiliates (gt-rr.com, 370ztune.com, hyperrevusa.com, bespokeventures.com, and any other property) by phone, internet/web and e-mail constitute the acknowledgement and acceptance of all conditions listed on this page. If you have any questions or wish to clarify or dispute any of these policies this must be done in writing in advance of any order. These policies and procedures are subject to change at any time without notice.