Just in time for the holiday, Tesla announces a major improvement to the Roadster. Tesla is using all of their learnings from the Model S and apply as many of them as possible in the Roadster 3.0 Package. The Roadster 3.0 package addresses three issues; the battery, aerodynamics, and tires. The battery will be replaced with a newer more efficient battery delivering 31% more energy. With a retrofitted aero kt, Tesla expects to improve drag coefficent by 15%. Lastly, new tires will improve rolling resistant by 20% along with minor improvements to the wheel bearing and residual brakes.

Put all of these things together and Tesla predicates a 30-40% improvement to the Roadster range and is confident will extend the range to over 400 miles. This package will be available for install once the new battery pack finishes safety validation which they expect to happen this Spring. It is great to see that Tesla is not forgetting about its first vehicle and believes more updates for the Roadster are in store in the future.

To learn more, read the full Press Release here.