Tesla announced recently that they have increased the capacity of their factory in Fremont, California. The Tesla Model X and Dual Motor Model S are in high demand by the end of 2015. During the stop in production, the upgrades to the Fremont Tesla Factory includes upgraded assembly line, added capacity to the body shop, enhanced powertrain assembly, and revamped facilities for the employees. The major changes to the factory are found in the general assembly. Overhead steel and mechanical structures are removed to make more room for robots to work on cars. Eventually, Tesla is looking to have robots install battery packs in cars.

The factory also got upgrades in the powertrain with the new technology increasing the capacity to process 1 million battery cells per day. New welding equipment is added to body-in-white line, and increased production uptime by 5 – 10%. New export docks are also added to the perimeter of the main building for increase in international car delivery.

To make their employees feel good about coming in every day to work, Tesla has installed brighter, energy saving LED lights, painted grey floors white, and added climbing plants to pillars.


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