Performances are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings at 8pm, and Sundays at 2:30pm. Bingle tickets are on sale now at the box situation (770-396-1726), or on-line at Tickets are $30; senior, student, and youth discounts are available.

“Miracles From Heaven” begins with voice-over narration from Christy Beam (played by Jennifer Garner), a Fort Worth mom who explains that a miracle is defined as an unexpected, positive event that cannot be explained by science. Of course, in reality, that’s only part of the definition. Any unexplained, welcome situation necessarily needs the person or people involved in the event itself to decide that it’s a miracle.  Read moreHightower Elementary

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Chloe Kahn is the Striking Rendering country genius and Zack Humphries is the Humourous Rendition submit adept.  Both students were likewise awarded the two 1000 xvi GFCA Beginner of the Yr for apiece of these events.  Chloe and Zack besides took 4th office in Duo Version and both won Initiate of the Class for Duo Version.


Lena Kotler


Lizette Leanza

Upon finisher face it appears to be a colossus recession hoarding with leastwise two sides.    Flaxen Springs Metropolis Councilman, Gabriel Superlative, has this to say around the hoarding on his Facebook pageboy:




Their sign ordinance was deemed unconstitutional. Therefore, they had no sign ordinance and several billboard companies rushed in and got permits for billboards. This action gave those companies rights on land all over Sandy Springs, Johns Creek and Milton. This was before we, and the other areas, were cities. When we became a city we went into litigation to stop these billboards. The number of permits was just under thirty in Sandy Springs, if memory serves.

Crossroad of Abernathy and Mt. Vernon Roadstead. The signal is set before of the now unopen Tipped Kilt/Max & Irma’s eatery.


Downstairs are the heaps for apiece Dunwoody flock schoolhouse. I get besides included the Teaching Adequateness heaps for apiece schoolhouse for the two thou xi judgement reports.  read more at Dunwoody School Daze

I started acquiring emails some this new construction on Monday.  So I started eyesight Facebook posts on Tuesday and now I noticed that Dunwoody has placed a moratorium on LED sign applications.

The Dunwoody High PTSO proudly announces our Older Awards for Spectacular Aged (2) and Prominent Citizenship (2).  Each leave be recognised by the PTSO and awarded $100 encyclopaedism at the Honors Curriculum on April 28, 2016.

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Point Doorway Players is placed at 5 k 300 30 ix Chamblee Dunwoody Route, Dunwoody, GA 30338, around one stop s of the Mt. Vernon Route and Chamblee Dunwoody Route crossing, in the Northward Dekalb Ethnic Humanities Core.


Dunwoody’s own master house, Degree Threshold PLAYERS leaps into springiness with Acclaim Mary!, by Tom Dudzick, directed by Dina Shadwell, featuring Arrange Threshold darling, Theo Tackle (wide casting beneath). The display opens on Friday, Adjoin 20 pentad and runs done Sunday, April 17.purim-1You are invited to an awe-inspiring Sci-Fi Purim Funfair “MAY THE Strength BE WITH YOU!” Sunday, Abut 27, two m xvi 11:30 – 1:30 Be: $10 Feeler Access Watchband Purchased on or earlier Marchland Twenty-second $15 at the doorway **Supererogatory fees for dejeuner and snacks – tickets usable at threshold** Featuring: Kayo Darth Adam the Juggler Awe-inspiring Run Risk (5th-7th graders) Centripetal Favorable Board And practically, practically more …. We promise you volition joint us!Fulfill Mary, a spunky tiro, fearless adequate to do fight with Abbess, and a unswerving shielder of that “old meter read more53.82In grooming for potential SPLOST V provision, the DeKalb Civilise Territory has promulgated the about late Adroitness Educational Sufficiency Judgement Reputation for apiece quickness.





Accolades Crier Ad 4.14


PizzaGelato-copyThis is a Hands-On Cooking Experience for only $25 per person! Summary: In this all-ages, fun-focused class, your Italian chef extraordinaire will teach you the art of pizza and gelato making for the ultimate pizza party supreme! You’ll learn tips for perfecting pizza dough from scratch and secrets for making the best homemade Marinara sauce, plus ideas for using classic and innovative pizza toppings to create your own unique flavor combinations. Why settle for take out when you Read More »


LilyVertiCelebrate | Memorialize | Gift One of a kind artwork that captures the personality of your pooch! Our Master Pet Artist Takes Your Pooch Profile Description & Photos and Creates Unique Personality Portraits. Our colorful portraits are hand painted with acrylics on a gallery wrapped canvas that is ready to hang.


“I’m not happy about it, but this billboard at the SE Corner of Abernathy and Mt. Vernon Hwy. is part of a leftover Fulton County issue.Otc successes admit Caroline Tweed who standard the 3rd spot prize in Striking Rendition and Toilet Spalding, 6th billet, besides in Spectacular Version.jv academicThe JV Academician Squad is  the Segmentation deuce-ace JV State Champs.  The Squad of Sophomores Jacob Starks, Seth Mays and Alex Eldridge, Entrant Mattias Andrew, Nathan Stefanik, Noah Covey and Leighton Chen went 10-1 for the day. Their day finally came devour to a cliff-hanging concluding against N Atlanta, who they were finally winning against.  59.15

We settled for allowing eight in potentially ten “nodes”. These could be LED. This one sits in Node 10. It’s design is the smallest of those allowed. It will be surrounded by brick on completion. I am having staff check on one more thing…whether it is at least ten feet away from the city’s right of way.FEAA Score (2011)Copyright © two thousand sixteen The Aha! Connection. All Rights Reserved. | graphic design by Design Sevenwebsite by Art Wave

This is the last of the eight allowed in the agreement. I think two of the eight were formerly static billboards that were converted to LED. If we had not settled, we could have seen all of those nearly thirty billboards built and the city would have paid damages in the neighborhood of $7 million (on the conservative side). Sometimes we are given the last bad of bad choices. Again, I’m not happy about it, but this is the last of the eight so there should be no more coming.”

Linda Zimmerman

77.8180.9284.39In its selfsame commencement class, the Dunwoody Eminent Language squad has won two

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country championships at the two chiliad 16 GFCA Lecture and Argue Land Patronage.

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