Unplugged performance is at it again. This time they teamed up with one of the leaders in wheel manufacturing, BBS, to create the first rim that is specifically designed to for the Tesla Model S. Here are some of the main features to Unplugged + BBS’s first wheel.


These wheels are made using the same process the BBS Ferrari’s F430 Challenge wheels are meaning they are proven to handle the toughest situations. With such a heavy car like the Tesla Model S, this was crucial for the wheel to be nearly indestructible. A benefit to strong wheels is a smooth ride from less road vibration transferring to the cabin. (weight supported: 8580 lbs)

Curb Protectors

With the model S being so long, it has become very common to miss judge the distance to the curb and kiss the edge of the wheel on it. Unplugged and BBS is very concerned with that issue and has built a lip around the edge where an easy to apply rim protector can be applied.

Tesla Caps

Be able to choose from the BBS or Tesla wheel center caps. Each set comes with an adapter to easily have the Tesla center caps for a more stock look.


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